How To Unlock Warrior:


  • Rank 3 Zandora
  • Level 47
  • MQ48 Cleared (In order to unlock the Damned Golem WQ)
  • Kill 3 Damned Golems
Skill Name
Upward Strike (Lv 1)
Savage Lunge (Lv 3)
Pommel Strike (Lv 6)
Escape Slash (Lv 6)
Spark Slash (Lv 13)
Demon Breakout? (Lv 13)
Heaven Thurst (Lv 20)
Involuntary Slash (Lv 25)
Defense Stance (Lv 30)
Great Windmill (Lv 30)
Flying Dragon Thurst (Lv ??)

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