The Seeker シーカー

Unlocking the ClassEdit

- You should have reached level 28-30, because the golem has that level.

- Get Area Rank 5 in Dowe Valley to talk to the trainer there. To reach 5 you have to do the area rank 5 quests which requires you to beat a golem. Best to bring a group as they can be a real pain to take down solo.


Class SkillsEdit




LvUp Change Lvl. 6 Change
Cutting Wind Dash forwards and then slash, if an enemy is hit, skill chains into a second slash.
  • XX JP

Seeker Lvl. 1

Increases attack Power Moving distance is upped and number of activations is increased from one to three, allowing the skill to be used three times in a row without further stamina consumption. This increases the number of additional slashes from 1 to 3, effectively 4 slashes overall
Toss and Trigger Uppercut with a dagger then toss some powder which you then ignite
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 3
Increases attack Power Number of strikes increased
Back Kick Dodge backwards then kick forwards with invincibility during dash back. If an enemy strikes you during the dodge back, skill becomes a counter attack.
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 6
Increases attack Power Motion Changes and number of strikes increased (Successful Counter results in 3 hits)
Ensnare Toss your rope at an enemy infront of you to attempt to pull them. Only works on weak enemies or enemies with enough hitstun built on them. (Does NO DAMAGE)
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 6
Faster Pulling Range extension and number of enemies pulled increased

(1 -> 3).

Falcon Kick If on ground, leap into the air, grapple the ground, then dive kick downwards. If in the air, grapple the ground and dive kick downwards. Has small AoE and hits for Impact Damage.
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 13
Increases attack Power Surrounding enemies are staggered
Stepping Stone If on ground, jump kick forwards, if in air, stomp downwards. When skill connects, jump off of enemy into the air. (Does NO DAMAGE)
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 13
Jump Force increases Has the ability to break an enemy's guard
Reset Cancels your current stance or attack. Useful to avoid enemies in the middle of an attack
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl.20
Reduces cooldown time Can now be used to cancel the stagger and knock-back animations after being hit by an enemy.
Powder Charge Place a line of gunpowder on the ground and detonate it from a distance
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 25
Reduces charge time to place charge Increases number of hits.

Adds wind pressure to the blast.

Whirlwind Blade
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 30
Increases attack Power Additonal hits and extends distance
Sliding Rope
  • XX JP
  • Seeker Lvl. 30
Increases Attack Power

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Seeker Passive Skills Edit

Passive skills can be used on all vocations

Skill name


Ability Point Cost

Adhesion Less Likely to be staggered if attacked while hold/climbing an enemy 5
Reverse Stance Less likely to be staggered while dodging 3
Leap Grip Stamina Consumption for pulling an enemy while mounted is reduced 7
Longline Distance seeker rope is thrown extended 6
Assisted High Jump Higher jump when Jump Assisted 3
Giant Safeguard Damage taken from giant enemies is reduced 4
Tremor-proof Clinging on to an enemy (i.e. action you take when the yellow icon appears) consumes less stamina 6
Rope Reversal More likely to cause a stagger after using Seeker Rope 6
Giant Proficiency Damage dealt to Giant Enemies is Increased 8
Tremor-proof (2) Less likely to be staggered in the air 5
Light Recoil Stamina consumption while in the air is reduced 5
Sky Hammer Attacks done mid-air do greater damage 12
High jump Increases height of double jump 9

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