Support Goods

Rank 1-6 (Confirmation Needed)

AP Needed Support Goods
0 Lumber Knife x2
500 Lumber Knife x3
2000 Blank Scroll x2

Rank 7-9 (Confirmation Needed)

AP Needed Support Goods
1000 Mysree Medal x1
2000 Mysree Medal x2

Riftstone Shard x 1

Rank 10

AP Needed Support Goods
0 Healing Elixir x 2
500 Healing Elixir x 3

Enhanced Lumber Knife x 2

1000 Enhanced Lumber Knife x 2

Mysree Medal x1

2000 High Quality Wood x 1

Mysree Medal x2

Riftstone Shard x 1

5000 High Quality Wood x 2

Mysree Medal x3

Riftstone Shard x 1


Forest Run Edit

start from getting those quest at the village (level 21,20,14 quest),head to the right to kill that lv 15 ape (also those redcap on the bridge),kill that lvl 27 ape near limestone cave,you can skip 2 quests at lynwood sewer,continue to kill that lvl 27 ape at X216 Y393 and and those big saurian after that,redcap at the brigde again,the collect quest (easy but nice exp), redcap near ancient place and that giant treant in it,teleport back and kill lvl 20 troll near cave of glowing worm,and clear that dungeon , so thats it.with a full party and decent gear (weap lvl 19,other lvl 18) you can do this in 20 minute maybe more or less.


in area master spot info you can see 3 different level 27 ape,one of them unlock with rank 8,other i dont know,here is their coordinate X192 Y 366 (dont seem to spawn at night) X216 Y 391(unlock with rank 8) X224 Y 372


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