Dragon s dogma online wallpaper by christian2506-d8fzmea

Dragon's Dogma Online (ドラゴンズドグマ オンライン ) is a free to play multiplayer game in the Dragon's Dogma franchise.

The game is set in the land of Lestania, taking place in an open world setting initially roughly the same size as Dragon's Dogma. The game's plot and background is not connected to the story in the original Dragon's Dogma.

Multiplayer elements of the game include four-player party play, user-created Clans, eight-player Grand Missions, and a Bazaar where items can be bought and sold between players. The game also allows for cross-platform multiplayer between PS4, PS3 and PC versions.

Pawns remain part of the game, but a party can comprise of multiple Arisen as well as pawns. Each Arisen will start with one pawn after completing a quest, but currently can create up to three pawns after completing the succeeding main quests.

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