The Hunter ハンター is the ranged DPS for the party. It requires some skill to play because you have to manually aim every shot. Their explosive arrow is an important part of the kit as it can be detonated by other party members or pawns for high damage. Paired with the crimson arrow ability found later in the game they can deal high damage at long range.


Pressing in R3 (the right analog stick on a controller) will zoom into a sniper mode once you've unlocked the keen sight skill. This shot knocks down most enemies.

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Name Overview LvUp Change Lv6 Change Notes
Threefold Arrow (lv.3) Fire 3 arrows in a very small cone at target. Power rise # of arrows 3 -> 5 Fire 3 arrows in a very small cone towards your enemies, the arrows will all deviate in different directions, but not too far.
Puncture Dart (lv.3) Fire a slow moving arrow capable of passing through multiple enemies and body parts of bosses Power rise Shortens hit interval Fire a slow moving arrow capable of passing through multiple enemies, it can also pass through multiple body parts on larger enemies, dealing damage for every part pierced.
Triad Shot (lv.6) Fire 3 arrows in a rough fan formation. Power rise # of arrows 3 -> 5 Fire 3 arrows in a rough fan formation. The arrows have slight deviation upwards and downards, making the skill feel a bit more like a shotgun shot than a fan shot. These arrows deal more damage than in Threefold Arrow.
Flying Din (lv.6) Fire a concussive arrow exploding on impact. High blow force, guard break and launches feeble foes. Deals NO damage. Impact increase Blast radius increase If activated beforehand, Crimson Arrow will still deal the explosive damage.
Cloudburst Volley (lv.13) Expend all arrows to volley an area. *Area of effect scales with the amount of arrows spent. Power rise Number of hits increased Great at doing AoE headshots on any bipedal creatures.
Whirling Arrow (lv.13) Fire an arrow that drills into an enemy. Hits 5 times or more. Power rise Number of hits increased Fire an arrow that drills into an enemy. Hits up to 5 times based on level. Can be used with different arrow types to efficiently proc status ailments due to landing multiple hits for a single arrow.
Crimson Arrow (lv.20) After a short charge, apply an explosive effect to all arrows loaded, providing additional stun and damage while also causing fuse explosive arrows to detonate on impact. Power rise Range expansion After a short charge, apply an explosive effect to all arrows loaded, providing additional stun and damage while also causing fuse explosive arrows to detonate on impact.
Full Bend (lv.25) Fully draw the bow back, dealing more damage with time spent charging. Power rise Allows longer charge time Very high velocity arrow.
Backward Retreat (lv.30) Jump back, avoiding incoming damage. Distance Increase (and stamina consumption on usage reduced?) Change animation to a cartwheel, longer animation/invulnerability frames. Has invulnerability frames, can cancel all animations except kicks, special arrows switch, reloading and Crimson Arrow. Can immediatly assume the stance you were in before using Backward Retreat if you press the skill key again [or bow Aim key] quickly at the end of the animation (ie.If you were shooting Threefold Arrow, then cancel it into Backward Retreat and use Threefold Arrow again at the right time, you'll skip the loading animation for Threefold Arrow and be able to immediately shoot), couple this with skill loading animation cancel and you can actually start shooting your skills earlier (This technique will glitch out with Cloudburst Volley if done too quick, resulting in emptying your quiver while shooting nothing. This can also loop Flying Din without ever playing the loading arrow animation if you repeatedly spam the skill during the cartwheel, making it a stunfest)

This works well with skill BELOW Lv.6, above make it too slow. Demonstration:

Above technique is only to start a skill sooner than default time, not to spam it (it's just to cancel the stance change/1st arrows loading animation), the one below is good to spam a skill but not very wise in stamina consumption.

Explosive Arrow Volley (lv.30) After charging, shoot explosive arrows in a line pattern in front of you that detonate after a certain time, or if damaged manually Power rise Allows to charge for longer to shoot 5 arrows instead of 3 Crimson Arrow buff makes the arrows detonate on impact. Does high damage, but the pattern makes it unfit to use in alot of situations, and the charging time is kinda long too.

Passives Edit

Passive Name Overview Ability Point Cost Skill Name Overview
Precision More precision while moving (Less reticule bloom) 4 Aim (Lv. ??) Press RB/LB or right mouse to aim your bow, enabling you to shoot
Delayed Explosion Extends the time period that explosive arrows will linger before exploding. 3 Keensight (Lv. 13) You enter sniper mode when pressing the R analog/ Middle mouse while in aim mode, you are not able to move, and ur sight is limited, but you deal more damage/blow power and have a bigger range with 100% accuracy
Hidden Potential Blowpower is increased when near death 6
Increases Blow Power by 75 at level 6.
Damping Less recoil after firing 3

Concentration (lv.13) You get more time to active reload

Sturdy Stance (lv.13) Stamina recovers while bow is ready 7

Perfect Reload



Oni Proficiency (lv.20) Deal more damage to Oni (This category includes all orcs, apes and ogres) 9

Winged Proficiency (lv.25)

Oni Safeguard (lv.30) Oni deal less damage to you 5

Winged Safeguard (lv.30) Winged enemies deal less damage to you 3

Skilled Reload (lv.33) Stamina regenerates when you do a perfect active reload 4

Arrow Increase (lv.33) Increased number of arrows in quiver 9

Menacing Form (lv.35) Increases endurance during bow stance 7

Heart Shot (lv.35) Blow force is increased if hit in optimal range 7

Decisive Shot (lv.35)
7 Does not seem to work correctly after many tests, might need a better translation PS: It is active when the boss is down
Enhancement (lv.40)

Blow force increases if HP is greater than a certain amount


Aggression Arrow (lv.40) Increases potency of status effect arrows (i.e sleep arrows, silence arrows). Not sure if work with enchantment 6

Robust (LV.??)


Blow force is incresed if stamina is higher than a certain amount

Reload Force (LV.??)


Takes less damage when reloading

Shadow Attack (LV.??)


Damage is increased if attacking an unawared enemy (attack made outside of 'In Combat'?)

Pleasant Attack (LV.??)


Damage is increased further when hitting enemies at optimal distance

Attack Expansion (LV.??)



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