The Fighters ファイター

A offensive Class specialising in offensive fights.



Wielding a sword and shield, fighters stand in the fray of combat. Fighters do not have any ranged abilities.

Primary Weapon: One-handed Sword

Secondary Weapon: Shield

Custom Skills:Edit

Japanese Name Skill needed JP needed Level Description
一閃突き Blink Strike 0 1 Rushes at the target and visits a powerful blow upon them.
刀牙昇斬 Tusk Toss 300 3 Traces a grand skyward arc with the blade, sending lighweight foes into the air.
シールドバッシュ Cymbal Attack 500 6 Unleashes a barrage of strikes using the shield.
天蓋斬り Skyward Lash 500 6 Looses a flury of skyward slashes well-suited to bringing flying foes to the ground.
逸らし斬り Hindsight Slash 900 13 Ducks backward afore charging in to deliver a slashing blow. Using it as an evasive maneuver increases its power.
直下突き Downthrust 900 13 Plants the blade into the earth at one's feet. Though its range is limited, the force behind the thrust is great.
センチュリオンスパイク Sheltered Spike 1200 20 Unleashes a flurry of stabbing attacks while maintaining the user's guard from all quarters, except the rear.
円月斬り Compass Slash 1500 25 Spins with blade extended, drawing a deadly circle especially effective when surrounded. Employable while under attack.

Normal Skills:Edit

Skill needed Level Description
Onslaught (Ground) - Placeholder
Dire Onslaught (Ground) 9 Placeholder
xxxxxxxxxxx (Ground) - Placeholder
Guard (Ground) 13 Placeholder
Deflect (Ground) - Placeholder
xxxxxxxxxx (Ground) - Placeholder
XXXXXXXXXXX (Air) - Placeholder
Helm Splitter (Air) - Placeholder
Deflect (Air) - Placeholder
Guard (Air) - Placeholder
xxxxxxxx (Air) - Placeholder
Gouge (Climb) - Placeholder


Skill needed Level Cost Description
Placeholder 3 4 Placeholder
Placeholder 3 3 Placeholder
Placeholder 9 4 Placeholder
Placeholder 13 5 Placeholder
Placeholder 13 8 Placeholder
Placeholder 13 3 Placeholder
Placeholder 20 6 Placeholder
Placeholder 20 7 Placeholder
Placeholder 25 9 Placeholder
Placeholder 30 4 Placeholder
Placeholder 30 5 Placeholder
Placeholder 33 10 Placeholder
Placeholder 33 10 Placeholder


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