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Cyclops is enemy in Dragon's Dogma Online Edit

"Cyclops" is a one-eyed monster with huge body and menacing tusk.

Combat Edit

Cyclops and his other variants often fight with clubs or with their bare hands. They swing their clubs and arms which are both indicated by a wind-up swing before they execute the attack. They can also jump in place or jump towards other players to try and crush combatants with their weight.

When players are mounted, the cyclops also has two additional attacks to fight off mounted combatants. To get players off of him, he can flail wildly (indicated by a yellow symbol), and have players drain their stamina or fall off entirely. If that fails, he can also roar (indicated by a red symbol) that is also dangerous to both mounted and unmounted players nearby his mouth.

When Enraged, Cyclops also gains another attack. When he begins to attack, he will swing his arms or club left and right for an extended period of time. If not mounted, it is best to play defensively during this animation sequence due to the unpredictability (until memorized) nature of the attack.

Cyclop's Weaknesses vary depending if he is enraged or in his neutral composure. When neutral, his main weakness is his head. Note, however, that when he is downed onto the floor, his tusks can mildly protect his head's weakness because it is separate from his head and will thus not give damage bonuses. For mounting / melee players, it is recommended to climb to his head via his back and remain near the center of his back. It is dangerous to climb his torso, hands, or even his rib-cages due to the fact that players mounted in those areas can still be harmed by his flailing arms.

When enraged, cyclops weaknesses changes from his head / eye to his knees. When hitting his weakpoints during enraged, like any other epic / big boss monster, hitting these weakpoints will also reduce their stamina while doing very little damage. It is important to note that these weakpoints are best for ranged dps to worry about during enraged than it is for melee due to how dangerous climbing to these weakpoints can be.

Drops Edit

Large Bone

Rugged tusk (Cyclops Fang)

Trivia Edit

  • The tusk can be break . By doing so cyclops will give random chance on dropping the rugged task (Cyclops Fang) on death.