Stats explainedEdit



Health Points This is your Health, you can recover it with items, in a Inn and with magic spells (healing), but magic healing only heals you to the grey limit.
Stamina Every action cost stamina, such as running, jumping. Recovers if you do nothing.
Level (Job Level)
  • General:
 Physical Attack
 (Physical) Defenses
  • Attack:
 "Blow Force" - 吹き飛ばし力
 "Critical Hit chance?" - チャンス攻力
 "Fatigue attack chance?" - 疲労攻力
 "Faint attack chance?" - 気絶攻力
  • Special:
 "Shield Guard Value?" - 盾ガード値
 Max Force Stock
 Magic Attack
 Magic Defenses
  • Defense:
 "life healing force?" 生命治癒力

Equipment weightEdit

Your Equipment contributes to the character's overall weight, with 4 status modes overall.

  • Very Light: Stamina-recovery is at its fastest point.
  • Light: Stamina-recovery is fast
  • Medium: Stamina-recovery is normal
  • Heavy: Stamina-recovery is slow and every action takes more.

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