Stats explainedEdit

  • Status:
Arisen Name
Vocation Icon with current level
Item Rank Current average rank of main equipment, secondary row and fashion items don't count
Health Points This is your Health, you can recover it with items, in a Inn and with magick skills (healing), but skill healing only heals the white amount
Stamina Used up with skills, running and jumping while running. Recovered while doing nothing, or with certain skills combined with augments, or from the Inn or with items. Some core skills don't use it up, but won't let you recover it.
  • General:
Physical Attack Magick Attack Counteracts enemy defense
Physical Defense Magick Defense Counteracts enemy attack
Strength Magick Raw/Base damage
  • Attack:
Blow Power Counteracts enemies Endurance, also can be considered as Knockback, Stagger and "Knockdown" combined from DDDA, and breaks the Face icon on boss enemies in Stamina (Yellow) Bar mode thus making the Blue Bar appear, let's you do more damage against War "quest" enemies
Chance Power After breaking the Stamina (Yellow/Blue) Bar there is a window of chance to knockdown the enemy, this let's you knockdown the enemy faster, also it acts as Exhaust Power for White Core/Constructed/Formless enemies)
Exhaust Power Lowers boss enemies Stamina (Yellow/Blue) Bar, doesn't work against formless, construct, white core enemies, look at Chance Power
Stun Power Knockout, "makes the enemies see stars above their heads"
  • Defense:
Endurance Defends against enemies Blow Power
Healing Power Healing/Recovery skills/augments(Self Feedback) are stronger
  • Special:
Guard Power Fighter (Shield), Shield Sage (Greatshield)
Max Loaded Arrows Hunter (Bow)
Max Force Stock Shield Sage (Greatshield)

Equipment weightEdit

Your Equipment contributes to the character's overall weight, with 4 status modes overall.

  • Very Light: Stamina-recovery is at its fastest point.
  • Light: Stamina-recovery is fast
  • Medium: Stamina-recovery is normal
  • Heavy: Stamina-recovery is slow and every action takes more.